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About ChatbotPro

ChatbotPro helps you to create chatbot for sites. There is no coding and no AI. You simply build the conversational flow and add the chatbot interface to the site.

This is an perfect solution for client engagement and lead generation. The bots can likewise be utilized to find out about your clients and offer help to them.

These chatbots work automatically. It will converse with your website visitor and gather significant data from them. Our platform has been intended to empower anybody to construct a chatbot utilizing straightforward drag and drop question formats. These bots can be installed by the copy-paste method and will be accessible 24x7.

How it Works

When you install the chatbot on the site, you can check your site to see how it displays. Each visitor on your site will see the chatbot.

The chatbot is perfect with all web gadgets, regardless of whether it be portable or PC. It will start the discussion with the visitor and begin gathering the information. When the discussion is finished, it will send the information over to you.

You can see all the collected information in this email notification. It will be accessible in ChatbotPro's dashboard. Now you can learn and comprehend your clients better by examining this information.


Installing the chatbot on your site is simple. Each chatbot has a script related with it. You will discover this script in the Preview section of the chatbot. By clicking Get A Script button you will get the script and pasting this script to your site's source code, the chatbot will turn out to be live on your site.

This installation is a one-time process. When the script has been added to your site, any change you make in the chatbot will automatically displays on the chatbot. You just need to change the script, if you are wanting to utilize an alternate chatbot. Here are the installation steps.

Copy the script from Preview

Go to Preview and click on Get a Script

And copy the script from dialog box

Paste script in source

Paste above copied script before </body> tag as shown:

Input Types

Input Types are the building blocks of your chatbot.


This is a non-interactive input type. It is useful when you want to pass on a message to the user without expecting any reply. Include a statement, or a message carrying data to your chatbot's discussion with the Message type.

Here is what it looks like.

Text Question

This is an ideal input type. It is useful to ask plain simple questions like what is your name?

The user has to provide an answer to progress in the conversation.


This is an interactive input type that allows users to type in their phone numbers. It comes with in-built validation.

Visitor can enter the phone number in the field provided. They also have the option to change the country code.


This input type comes with in-built email validation, this is the perfect question for asking email addresses.

Here is what it looks like.


It is useful to accept a calendar date from the user.The user can navigate between months and the year.

Here is what it looks like.


To accept number inputs from the user, you can use this input type. It only accepts numbers.

Here is what it looks like.

Radio Button

Whenever you want to create a menu or a set of options for the user to choose, then use the Radio Button type. You can add an option by pressing the + button and remove the same using the - button.


We recommend keeping the text on the options to shorter words to make the chatbot look more esthetic.

You can use Logical Jump in this script type to jump to a specific question based on the option selected by the user.

Multi Select

Use this input type, when you want to accept more than one choice from the user. You can add more options using the + button and remove them using the - button.

The user has to checked the options and press submit.


This input type is useful to book an appointment or schedule a meeting with your users.

This is how it looks when the user is trying to make an appointment


If you want to leave the links to your social media channels, or insert URLs inside the chatbot conversation, then use this input type. You can add multiple links using the + button and remove them using - button.

Here is what it looks like.

Creating a Chatbot

In ChatbotPro, you can creat chatbot from scratch as well as using in-built templates

Custom Chatbot

You can create custom chatbot as demonstrated in below video

Using Template

There are 20 in-built chatbots, so you can build chatbot quickly with minimal editing.


Features of ChatbotPro listed below:

Email Notifications

Whenever the chatbot has a complete conversation with your visitor, an email notification is sent to your email address. You have to provid your email address properly.

Logical Jump

Logical Jump will help you with jumping between questions depend on the answers got from your visitor.By introducing a conditional flow into your chatbot discussions, you can make the discussion more interesting to your client.This option is available in every question.

Logical Jump Options

No Jump - This is the default choice that is set for each discussion. At the point when this alternative is chosen, the chatbot will go to the following discussion line without jumping.

End chat - When this alternative is chosen, the chatbot will stop the discussion.

Other questions - You can scroll (or type) and select the question that should follow the currently chosen question.


You can check client conversation for particular chatbot in Responses section of dashboard. You can also check your test responses.


Frequently asked questions:

  • Why am I not getting email notifications?

    Please make sure that has not been blocked by your email service and you have provided your email address properly.

    If you are still facing issues, please write to

  • Every bot has a unique Id to it. You can see your chatbot ID in particular bot's chatbot builder page.


    If you are submitting any issue regarding your chatbot, it is always advised to share your chatbot ID with us, so that we can help resolve the matter faster.

  • You can change your password from the profile page. Provide your current password and then the new password. Click on Submit to continue.


    Please visit the password reset page if you have forgotten your password.

  • No. ChatbotPro can only be used to make chatbots for websites. We don't work with messenger chatbots.

  • Please visit the profile page to change your details

    The following information can be change from this page:

    • Email address
    • Name
    • Mobile
    • Company Name
    • Address
  • Yes, of course you can.

    Goto the Responses tab in the dashboard.

    Here you can export all the data of particular chatbot. Then you can click on CSV or Excel button to get the data.